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SK-E200 Water Based Epoxy 200 is a two component water-based epoxy with excellent adhesion and rapid cure times. Its unique chemistry provides short re-coat times and good low temperature curing. This material has little odor, applies easily and adheres to damp concrete.

Use and Design

It was designed for use as a fast curing primer under epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane and polyurea materials. It may also be used as a base coat in fast turnaround color chip systems. Re-coat times range from 30 minutes to 90 minutes depending on film thickness, curing conditions and the type of top coat used.

It is ideally suited as a primer over properly neutralized interior acid stains where odor cannot be tolerated. Epoxy 200 primer with Polyurethane 100 or Polyurethane 501 top coats may be accomplished in one trip to the job site. Fewer trips to the job site result in reduction of labor costs.

Colors & Finishes


All 16 Standard Colors

Kit Sizes

1 1/2 Gallons

15 Gallons


Data Sheet

Part A SDS

Pigmented Part B SDS

Standard Color Chart

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Golf Cart Garage Mats are an excellent addition to your garage. It’s a great way to protect your floor from spills and leaks. We have some of the best floor mats on the market. When you install one of these great looking garage mats, you won’t be disappointed.

Protect your floor against brake fluid, oil spills, and every day stains. If you had an epoxy garage floor installed, or, you are thinking about having one, make sure you include a golf cart garage mat. It’s a great way to help protect your investment.

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SK-P7500 Polyurethane Materials

SK-P7500 is a two-component, high solids, aliphatic Polyaspartic. It is a high-performance protective coating material used on various flooring applications.


For exterior applications, a UV stabilizer package is included, ensuring long-term gloss retention and resistance to yellowing. Poly 7500 has a faster cure time and fewer film thickness limitations.


We try to carry as many green products as possible and we are proud to say that SK-P7500 is one of them. Contractors stand by this product and so do we.

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Today we discuss SK-E100. There are many brands of epoxy on the market and we believe in only using industrial grade products manufactured by Arizona Polymer Flooring. Longer lasting products provide your garage floor the protection it deserves.

About SK-E100

This is a two component water-based system that features ease of application and excellent coating performance. This material cures blush free over a wide range of temperatures and adheres tenaciously to a variety of substrates including damp or wet concrete.

The raw material package has a 30 year history of success as a concrete coating. SK-E100 is recommended for coating warehouse and factory floors, automotive repair facilities, residential garage floors and many other commercial and industrial maintenance applications.

Why Desert Polymer?

Because Desert Polymer Flooring has a reputation for quality and reliability, therefore allowing us to provide you with superior products.

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Are you ready to transform your floor into an amazing epoxy garage floor coating? The popularity of epoxy flooring is growing at lightning speed. With innovative products that not only make your garage floor look amazing but also protect it, its no wonder people are opting in for a more sophisticated look. The garage used to be a place where you stored all your junk and made room for your cars. Today, the garage has become more than just a storage facility. People are parking their golf carts and even using it to display their most important possessions.

You can turn your old garage floor into a work of art. Contact us and we will help you find garage floor coating contractor.