S-9500 Color Stain achieves a decorative acid stain look without the hazard or special handling. S-9500 Color Stain is a water-based, penetrating, non-acidic, acrylic/urethane emulsion that creates a natural look on new and existing surfaces. S-9500 Color Stain is durable and protective. It can be brushed, sprayed or sponged on to create even, mottled, or marbleized effects. Color Stain is available in 20 standard colors. Custom Colors are available upon request. S-9500 Color Stain is an easy application and requires a water clean-up.

Colors & Finishes

• White • Pink • Green • Walnut • Concrete Gray • Light Cream • Baja Red • French Gray • Gray 

• Black • San Diego Buff • Red • Mojave Dust • Terra Cotta • Yellow • Yuma Sand • Coast Blue • Caramel • Desert Tan • Beige Cream


• 2 oz. Sample Bottle • 1 Gallon Bottle • 5 Gallon Pail • 55 Gallon Drum • 1 Pallet (36 pails)

S-9500 Color Stain SDS 2016

S-9500 Color Stain™ Chart

S-9500 Color Stain™ Product Datasheet

S-5000 CEM-DYE™ W

S-5000 Series Cem-Dye (W) is a liquid dye that is soluble in water and acetone. With colors ranging from earth tones to vivid, it can be used along with acid stains or as a stand alone coloring system, and is often used in conjunction with concrete polishing. Cem-Dye (W) offers a fast and affordable way to add color to interior concrete


S-4000 Acid Stain is an acidic coloring solution which chemically reacts with concrete and other cementitious substrates to create translucent and variegated color effects. The coloration becomes a permanent part of the substrate and cannot crack or peel. S-4000 Acid Stain gives a unique look that cannot be achieved with conventional polymer and pigment type stains.

The material reacts individually with each substrate depending upon its available cement content, age and porosity. Considerable variations in color and tone normally result from the use of S-4000 Acid Stain, and many special color effects can be achieved using different methods of application. APF Acid Stain is used in a variety of interior and exterior architectural concrete applications. It is most commonly used to provide a distinctive look to floors and other horizontal concrete surfaces. Special beauty is added to color hardened concrete and textured polymer concrete when S-4000 Acid Stain is used as the coloring medium. Stained surfaces that are exposed to pedestrian or vehicle traffic must be protected by the appropriate APF sealer system. These sealers may be acrylic or polyurethane materials depending upon service requirements. Both high gloss and satin finishes are available.

Colors & Finishes

• Saddle • Red Wolf • Caribbean Blue • Bronze • Moss

• Sahara Tan • Aged Leather • Slate • Espresso • Rusty Brown


1 Gallon Units


S-4000 Acid Stain Color Chart

S-4000 Acid Stain Product Datasheet


Super-Krete S-11000 Ure-Kote is a waterbased, acrylic/urethane paint designed to withstand heavy foot traffic. Ure-Kote is water and petroleum resistant which also can be applied over asphalt, pool texture or concrete. From parking lots to tennis courts, Ure-Kote is easy to clean and available in a variety of colors.

Coverage Rate

Approximately 150 sq. ft. per gallon

Colors & Finishes

• Bone • Flaxen • Wheat • Sand • Buff • Thatch Brown • Adobe • Red Brick • Seattle Red • Concrete Gray • Delta Fog • Sterling • Slate • Safety Yellow • Safety Red • Safety Blue


5 Gallon Pail

55 Gallon Drum

S-11000 Ure-Kote SDS 2016

S-11000 Ure-Kote™ Product Datasheet

SK Standard Color Chart


Pre-measured pigment packs designed to be added to SK-P5100 and SK-P7500 products.

Colors & Finishes

• Bone • Flaxen • Wheat • Sand • Buff • Safety Blue • Thatch Brown • Adobe • Red Brick • Seattle Red • Concrete Gray • Delta Fog 

• Sterling • Slate • Safety Yellow • Safety Red



Unit size is dependant on color


SK Standard Color Chart


Color Chrome™ Pigment is a metallic mica pigment designed to be dispersed in a variety of binders to create seamless floors with a unique, three-dimensional appearance. Depending on the application techniques used, the finished floor’s appearance can range from elegant to exotic.

Color Chrome Pigment is an ideal product for retail establishments, night clubs, automotive showrooms, residential interiors and garage floors, or any interior that requires a truly unique finish. When combined with the proper binders and finish coats, it offers an unmatched blend of beauty and durability.

Colors & Finishes

• Espresso • Copper • Golden Brown • Ash Brown • Autumn • Verde • Satin Bronze • Burned Umber • Canary • Iridescent Blue • Citrine • Crimson • Coral • Pearl • Ruby • Gun Metal • Graphite • Mercury • Cambridge Blue • Coffee


2 oz.

8 oz.